Waste Disposal Procedure
When cooking for matches, or when cleaning, please place black bin liners in the two bins outside the kitchen door, and separate rubbish as you would do at home. At the end of the day we are now asking you to remove these, and take them home to dispose of in your own bins. (If you are on foot, or your bins are too full, you may take them to 45 Garden Road and place them in Lesley Charles’s bins which are on the path to the left of the house.) If for any reason you are unable to do this, please ask a member of the Committee for assistance. This will help to share the responsibility for waste disposal more equally among members. Thank you for your cooperation. Information As you may know we do not pay Council Tax which saves a lot of money for the club, but as a result we are not entitled to bin collections. We have explored arranging private collections but these are very expensive, are not reliably timed, and require someone to be present to unlock and relock the gates.